Aigerim Aukenova
Advisor, Central Asia
Aigerim is responsible for advising clients in Kazakhstan and across Central Asia, regulatory monitoring and analysis of regulatory policies and practices in Central Asia and communicating with government stakeholders.

Professional experience

Before joining Aretera, Aigerim held different positions in the Antitrust Committee of Kazakhstan for four years, where she provided analysis and assessment of the competitive environment on various commodity markets of the agro-sector (mainly essential products such as eggs, flour and pasta), chemicals (sulfuric acid, sulphur) and heavy industry (polymer coated pipes), as well as the passenger air transport services and communication markets. Additionally, Aigerim determined violations of the competition protection legislation and participated in the development of the language of antitrust regulation.

As part of her public service work, Aigerim was additionally involved in the development and implementation of various state programs in entrepreneurial development.

After leaving the Antitrust Committee, Aigerim worked on the impact evaluation project of "The small and medium enterprises competitiveness" project of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.


Aigerim holds a degree in Economics from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

She has taken continuous education courses with the Government of Kazakhstan on governance and public administration and participated in the seminars of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia on the development of antimonopoly policy.


Aigerim is fluent in Russian and has a strong command of Kazakh and English.


Aigerim is based in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.