Ivana Lazarovski
Senior Advisor, Serbia & Western Balkans
As a Senior Consultant, Ivana offers clients practical guidance in navigating the complexities of Serbia and the Western Balkans region. Her background in international politics, cooperation, and private equity, combined with her experience in research, due diligence, and business strategy, allow her to support organizations seeking insight into the region.

Responsibilities at Aretera

  • Regulatory monitoring, analyses and strategic planning;
  • Management of client relations and government outreach in Serbia and the Western Balkans;
  • Public relations strategy and content.

Professional experience

Throughout her career, Ivana has worked in various positions in both public and private sectors. As a diplomat at the Cabinet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, she advised and maintained on high-level communications with French language speaking countries and representatives of international organizations. Her responsibilities included fostering relationships with key stakeholders, developing national strategies for engagement and cooperation, and analyzing political and economic activities to inform strategic decision-making. Previously a Research Assistant with a leading international legal practice, she contributed to projects related to state capacity and peace building. In the private equity sector, Ivana has demonstrated her ability to identify and onboard new investors while conducting due diligence on potential investment targets. This experience has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of investment strategies and business development in the Western Balkan Region


As an OSCE scholar, Ivana holds an MA degree in International Security Studies from the University of Belgrade, and an MA in Cooperation and Development from Sapienza University of Rome. She earned her BA in International Politics from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and Sciences Po. Paris. Since 2017, Ivana has been a fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Ivana is fluent in Serbian, Croatian, French and English, conversational in Italian, and has a solid understanding of Russian and Spanish.