Jozef Hrabina
(Geo)Political and Public Affairs Advisor, Slovakia
Jozef Hrabina is a distinguished geopolitical and public affairs specialist recognized for his expertise in steering businesses through intricate political landscapes. With a keen acumen in risk analysis, strategic communications, and advocacy advisory, he serves as an invaluable asset for companies involved in international trade, particularly within the realms of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. His insights and analyses are also sought after by NGOs with a focus on international relations, security, and the global economy, as well as various consultancies.

In his current role at Aretera, Jozef oversees an array of responsibilities:
  • He leads Aretera´s team in Slovakia, offering incisive public affairs guidance, shedding light on the intricacies of political decision-making processes and their ramifications on client businesses.
  • He adeptly addresses complex strategic communication challenges, especially in politically sensitive environments.
  • With a deep understanding of the Post-Soviet region, he advises EU companies looking to expand their investment footprints in the region and vice-versa.
  • Jozef leads initiatives in EU policy analysis and regulatory monitoring while maintaining robust relations with the media, representing on both local and international platforms.
  • With his strong background in the defence and security sector, Jozef plays an integral role in Aretera’s pan-regional defence team, advising international players on corporate positioning and stakeholder engagement across the region.

Professional experience
Jozef possesses a robust background in geopolitical, political, and macroeconomic risk analysis, particularly in Slovakia, CEE and broader Eurasia. His strategic insights have been pivotal in organizing significant Central European business collaborations and establishing think-tank initiatives. Jozef has managed critical projects, involving intricate risk assessments and stakeholder mapping, and crafted and executed impactful communication strategies for governmental entities and corporations that blend media monitoring, policy analysis, and strategic communications. Jozef also brings to Aretera his portfolio of bespoke geopolitical risks advisory services with multiple years of experience in private consultancies and academia.

Jozef holds PhDs in International Affairs, he regularly publishes his research in peer-reviewed journals as well and he recently published his first book.