Aretera Stands Firm in its Support for Ukraine
February 24, 2024
Today marks two years since Russia launched a full-scale and unprovoked invasion against Ukraine. The Kremlin continues to unleash unthinkable suffering on Ukraine and its people, as well as a series of adverse consequences across the region, Europe and the world.

Two years after the start of the invasion, Ukraine continues to stand strong, free and resilient. However, Kyiv has also been facing increasing challenges on multiple fronts, most importantly when it comes to receiving much-needed support from the United States. While the vast majority of the democratic world firmly stands behind Kyiv, stepping up international military and financial support from the West will be vital in countering Russia's aggression and securing Ukraine's much-anticipated victory.

At Aretera, we continue to stand in solidarity with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, as well as our Ukrainian colleagues and clients. We support Ukraine and its people in their quest to achieve peace as only a Ukrainian victory can lead to a lasting peace and broader security on the European continent.

The time is now for the EU, the US and other actors to reinforce their commitment as a Russian victory in Ukraine is poised to unleash unthinkable consequences for European and global security. Stepping up preparations for Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction also remains vital: we join governments, businesses and civil society organizations which stand ready to support what is expected to be one of the largest reconstruction efforts in economic history.