Russia’s War Against Ukraine and Its Impact for Central and Eastern Europe
Implications for International Investors as the War Continues

May 10, 2022
Central & Eastern Europe is the most impacted region of Russia’s war on Ukraine. CEE countries have been among the primary targets of Russian geopolitical efforts, with Russia’s war consequently elevating concerns around security and political stability. The war is also heavily impacting CEE economies, with a significant regional economic downturn looming over the region, while the EU’s mission to rid itself of dependence on Russian energy is even more pressing for CEE markets.

Despite the challenges unleashed by the war, however, the region’s underlying stability and progress means CEE remains both open for business and a safe destination for investors. Multinational companies in all sectors have committed further to the region and local business communities are remaining resilient.

Aretera provides an introduction into the political, economic and social challenges facing key CEE markets as Russia’s war against Ukraine continues.

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