Viktor Orbán’s Fifth Government & its Implications for Investors
Key takeaways from the restructuring of the Orbán Government
following the 2022 parliamentary elections

May 25, 2022
Following a landslide victory in the country’s recent parliamentary elections, the new Fidesz-KDNP supermajority of the Hungarian National Assembly approved Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s proposed Government on 24th May, voting his fifth Cabinet of Ministers into office.

The fifth Orbán Government takes office following a major restructuring of the government structure. There is a clear focus on fixing the country’s ailing economy, as Hungary faces multiple internal and external challenges, not least the economic and social impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Below, Aretera takes a deeper look at the results of the government restructuring, the likely government priorities, Hungary’s political landscape, as well as possible implications for investors.
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