Bulgaria's New Caretaker Government
Analysis & Implications of the Recent Change of Government and the Country's Upcoming Snap Parliamentary Elections

August 3, 2022
Following three consecutive parliamentary elections last year, Bulgaria is yet again heading towards a snap parliamentary vote after the country’s four-party coalition government – led by now ex-Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and his centrist We Continue the Change (PP) movement – collapsed in a no-confidence vote on June 22. With no parties having since been able to secure a parliamentary majority, a new election has become unavoidable under the Bulgarian constitution.

On calling for new snap elections scheduled for October 2, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has simultaneously appointed a new caretaker cabinet, with a limited mandate to lead the country until the upcoming parliamentary vote. Led by Galab Donev as Acting Prime Minister, the President’s former Social Policy Advisor, the main task of the new caretaker government will be to organize the forthcoming elections, however must also deal with a number of significant immediate challenges, including the energy crisis looming over Europe and a worsening economic climate.

Below, Aretera takes a look at the Bulgarian political landscape, the new caretaker government and its priorities, the likely impact of the current crisis and the possible directions Bulgaria could take after the October elections.
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