Slovakia's Governing Coalition at a Crossroads
Possible Scenarios for the Reignited Coalition Crisis

August 10, 2022
Slovakia’s centre-right coalition government could be about to reach its breaking point: the liberal SAS party of Economy Minister Richard Sulík has given Prime Minister Eduard Heger until the end of August to remove ex-PM and current Finance Minister Igor Matovič, the leader of the major ruling OL’aNO party, from government to keep the SAS in the coalition. Should SAS leave, as looks likely, the Heger Government will lose its majority in the National Council, Slovakia’s parliament.

The four-party governing coalition has already been on the brink of collapse in early 2021 over Matovič's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, the crisis was resolved by Matovič’s resignation as PM. With tensions reigniting between the Matovič-led OL’aNO and the Sulík-led SAS, the current coalition crisis has the potential to escalate further and pose concerns for political stability.

Below, Aretera provides further insight into the Slovak political landscape and its implications for international businesses.
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