Political Impasse in Montenegro
Background & Insight on the Key Political Issues Blocking Montenegro's Institutions

December 16, 2022
Political tensions in Montenegro have been escalating in recent weeks, leading to an apparent impasse that is hindering the functionality of a number of key institutions. Since local elections were held on 23rd October this year, the results – and therefore the formation of local governments, including in the capital Podgorica – have yet to be ratified, as the Constitutional Court lacks a quorum necessary to convene and do so.

Efforts to appoint new judges have been complicated by parliamentary infighting. Specifically, opposition groups spearheaded by President Milo Đukanović’s Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) have made their approval of new judges conditional on rejecting amendments to a controversial Law on the President. This led to protests by DPS supporters on the streets of Podgorica on 12th December which turned violent and threaten to continue in the days ahead. International actors have weighed in on the matter too, as the crisis has escalated towards deadlock.

This memo will take a deeper look at the political impasse, its background and the ways forward to unlocking Montenegro’s institutions.
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