Slovakia Becomes Second CEE Country to Head for Snap Parliamentary Elections in 2023
Implications for International Investors

February 1, 2023
Following the recent adoption of constitutional changes allowing the country’s parliament to trigger early elections, Slovakia is scheduled to hold much-anticipated snap parliamentary elections on 30 September.

The decision to approve the constitutional reforms and subsequently set the date of the snap elections means that Prime Minister Eduard Heger’s government, although toppled in a noconfidence vote last December, will carry on in a caretaker capacity and with a limited mandate for the next eight months.

At present, Slovakia’s centre-left parties remain best positioned to win the snap parliamentary elections. However, the country’s political life is set to undergo a massive transformation that could result in the creation of new parties and alliances, making the outcome of the September elections largely unpredictable.

The Slovak parliament’s approval of the early elections comes only days after it became official that Bulgaria, another Central & Eastern European country marred by political instability, is also heading for snap elections in early April. Going forward, political stability will be among the most pressing issues for international companies to monitor in both CEE countries.
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