Moldova's New Government
Parliament Confirms Recean Government Amidst Mounting Security Risks

February 16, 2023
Moldova’s parliament has confirmed ex-Interior Minister and former presidential security advisor Dorin Recean as the country’s next Prime Minister and his proposed cabinet as the country’s new government. Recean will succeed Natalia Gavrilița, who resigned from her position on 10 February, citing an inability to navigate through the series of crises Moldova is currently facing.

Gavrilița’s resignation came just as Moldovan President Maia Sandu revealed an alleged Russian plot to overthrow the country’s government. While the Kremlin has denied this claim, Moldova – due to its Russia-allied breakaway region Transnistria and geographic proximity to Russia’s war against Ukraine – is facing enhanced security risks and remains particularly vulnerable to a potential escalation.

An economist by profession, with longtime political experience, Recean is also expected to focus on the short-term challenges facing Moldova, including the economic and energy crises, as well as on maintaining the country’s strategic Western course and integration into the European Union.

Below, Aretera provides further insight into the recent change of government and its implications.
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