Estonian PM on Course to Form New Coalition Government
Implications of Estonia's Parliamentary Elections for International Investors

March 7, 2023
Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas looks set to lead the country’s next government after her Estonian Reform Party won the country’s recent parliamentary elections, securing more than 31% of the popular vote.

While the Kallas-led Reform party lacks a clear parliamentary majority in Estonia’s incoming, six-party parliament, the centre-right formation is on course to lead another three-party governing coalition, which could include centre-left and liberal formations.

Kallas’ likely re-appointment as PM comes as Estonia remains one of the most impacted countries of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The PM’s strong stance against the Kremlin was among the main contributors to her party’s election victory. Geopolitics looks set to drive the next government’s agenda, in addition to other priority areas such as the economy, energy security and the green transition.

With coalition talks to form the next government underway, Aretera takes a deeper look at the implications of Estonia’s parliamentary elections and the country’s post-election landscape.
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